April 15, 2021

Conquering the World of Beauty

One Course at a Time!

We want to teach all things beauty. To everyone. Everywhere.

Our Hair + Blush Beauty Academy began with a full-scale makeup and hair course and now, we’re working our way through the world of wigs.

Our new course is the bible of wig cutting, which requires specialized skills that are quite different from hair mechanics. From Judy Levy’s renowned expertise to Perelle Pretter’s show-stopping techniques, this course will teach anyone everything there is to know about cutting wigs.

The course starts with a Beginner/Intermediate phase of 6 classes, taught by Judy Levy, industry expert of over 35 years. It covers basic bottom cuts, regular angles, over-directed angles (which create a softer look), layering using an over-directed method, curtain bangs, and side bangs, with foundational skills for both hair and wig cutting.

Perelle Pretter, industry disruptor, teaches the advanced phase which includes 5 classes exclusive to wig cutting techniques. The first class instructs in theory based prep, covering different tools and working with wigs of different lengths and textures. The remaining classes teach how to create lobs, blunt bangs and blunt bottoms using upwards and point cutting techniques, blunt side bangs, and a full comprehensive cut from beginning to end.

At the end of this course, students know everything there is to know about cutting different lengths, layering, and creating angles with various techniques. They become a master of the scissor. Pair this course with our wig washing course, which includes two in-depth washing class, one blowout class and one curling/waving class, and our students own the world of wigs.

At Hair + Blush, we want to create the next generation of artists.

We believe:

Anyone Can Learn
Any Place
Any Skill Level

With beauty, the learning is never done! There are always new techniques, new styles, and new tools- and we are passionate about helping our students stay current in the fast-paced beauty industry. We love all things beauty and can’t wait to keep on sharing our passion!

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