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Enrollment for the course opens every 2 months, with a 2 week registration period. If our course is currently closed, be sure to put your name on the waiting list so that we can let you know as soon as enrollment begins! Keep me posted!

Your online academy enrollment is active for 1 year from purchase. Your login information and access to videos will be valid for one year’s time. You have one amazing year to learn it all!

While you can watch any of the videos at any time, it is recommended that they are viewed in class order, as each video builds on skills covered in previous lessons. We recommend you pace yourself so that you can complete the course within one year’s time.

In addition to your regular curriculum, additional online classes will be offered each month, featuring new styles, on-trend looks and guest appearances.

The live, in-person workshops will be held twice a year. This gives you two opportunities to attend at the time that works for you. It’s best if you have completed the course before attending so that you can use this workshop as the final class to perfect your personal technique with live instruction.

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Hair Styling



Hair Course

Curriculum: Prep through Styling

Course Pre-req: A love of all things hair!

1. Bouncy, Flippy

2. Crimpy, Curly to Sleek Straight

1. Curling Theory

2. Small Skinny Waves

3. Open Curls

4. Beach Waves

5. Big Soft Waves

6. Polishing Curls

1. Hairline Theory

2. Widows Peak

3. Extensions

1. Half Updo

2. Full Updo

1. Half Updo

2. Low Updo

3. Multi Purpose Pony

4. Big Full Glam

1. Low Soft Updo

2. Big Full and Wavy

1. Zigzag Part


Makeup Course

Curriculum: Foundation through Advanced

Course Pre-req: A love of all things makeup!

1. Skin Tones

2. Skin Types

3. Color Correction

4. Primers and Moisturizer

5. Foundations

6. Skin Demo

1. Highlight and Contour Theory

2. Natural Highlight and Contour on Elongated Face

3. Glam Highlight and Contour on Heart Shaped Face

1. Eye Shapes

1. Eye Liner Theory

2. Wing Liner Demo

3. Water Line Demo

1. Color Theory

1. Eye Lashes Theory

2. How To Apply Lashes Demo

1. Eyebrow Products and Theory

2. How to Fill Brows with Pencil

3. How to Fill Brows with Gel

4. How to Fill Brows with Powder

1. Lipstick and Lip Liner Products

2. Lips Demo

1. Natural Bridal Demo

2. Glam Bridal Demo

1. Natural Glowy Demo

2. Smokey Cut Crease Demo

3. Golden Glam Demo

1. Teen Makeup Class



Get Ready:

Each video will have an accompanied list of items you need on hand. Whether it’s a flat iron or a model with a curly hair, be sure to read this list and prep the items before beginning to view the video!


Get Set:

Once you begin watching the class, you will have 72 hours of viewing time. That means that you will have 72 hours to watch, rewatch and practice. Before you click begin, be sure you are all set to learn that new skill!


...and go!

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