Course of  Beauty


Our Beauty Academy is always open! Enroll any time that’s convenient for you and enjoy lifetime access to products and email support.

Your online academy membership is valid forever. While lifetime access allows you to progress through the course at your own pace, each video is only available for viewing for the specified amount of time allotted for your course after you push play.

While you can watch any of the videos at any time, it is recommended that they are viewed in class order, as each video builds on skills covered in previous lessons. We recommend you pace yourself so that you can complete the course within one year’s time.

Live, in-person optional workshops will be held twice a year, open only to Hair+Blush members. A small fee will be required to attend this workshop. A certificate will still be provided for Hair+ Blush course completion even if you do not attend a workshop. All members can attend the workshop, even if you have not yet completed the course, however it’s recommended to complete the course before attending so that you can use this workshop as the final class to perfect your personal technique with live instruction.