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Hair Styling - Nov 2022

Hair Styling

From mastering the blowout and perfecting the curl to styling chic and classy updos, this comprehensive course includes everything from theory to creation.

You'll master removing curly frizz along the hairline using both bouncy and straight blowout techniques, achieving a softer texture for effortless shaping and styling.

Includes classes on:

  • Crimpy, curly, frizzy to sleek straight
  • Bouncy flippy

Includes classes on:

  • Curling Theory
  • Small skinny waves
  • Open curls
  • Beach waves
  • Big soft waves
  • Polishing curls
  • Big soft loose waves

Includes classes on:

  • Hairline Theory. Learn the art of shaping and styling hair, considering various elements such as the hairline, including handling widow's peaks, cowlicks, larger foreheads, smaller foreheads, and receding hairlines.
  • Widows peak
  • Extensions

Kid’s Styling:
Includes classes on:

  • Half updo
  • Full updo
  • Princess half back look
  • Updo bun with filler

Adult Styling:
Includes classes on:

  • Half updo
  • Low updo
  • Multi purpose pony
  • Big full glam pony
  • Zigzag part
  • Boho hair
  • Effortless pull back look 
  • Low tight bun using filler

Includes classes on:

  • Low soft updo
  • Big full and wavy using clip-in extensions
  • Summer bridal hair using a wig further back and blending in the hair from the front
  • Bouncy bridal look using a halo

Classes in this course expire 72 hours after viewing.