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Makeup - Nov 2022

Make Up

This in-depth foundational course covers A-Z makeup, from beginner basics of color theory and skin types to advanced smoky eye, contouring and bridal glamour techniques.

  • Skin:
    Includes classes on:
    - different skin tones
    - different skin types
    - color correction
    - primers and moisturizers
    - foundations.
  • Building the face:
    Includes classes on:
    - the theory behind highlight and contour
    - natural highlight and contour
    - glam highlight and contour 
  • Eye shapes:
    Includes classes on:
    - hooded eyes
    - downturned eyes
    - protruding round eyes
    - almond shape eyes
  • Eyeliner:
    Includes classes  on:
    - different eyeliner formulas
    - dramatic wing eyeliner demo
    - natural eyeliner demo
  • Color theory:
    You will learn an illuminating guide to color theory, teaching you the art of blending hues, creating stunning color combinations, and mastering the power of the color wheel.
  • Eye lashes
    Includes classes on:
    - how to apply full lash strips
    - how to apply individual lashes
  • Eyebrows:
    - eyebrow products and theory
    - how to fill brows using pencils
    - how to fill brows using gel
    - how to fill brows using powders
  • Lips:
    - different lipstick and lipliner products
    - lip demo
  • Bridal:
    Includes classes on:
    - natural bridal demo
    - glamorous bridal demo
    - summer bridal demo
    - winter bridal demo
  • Makeup looks:
    Includes classes on:
    - natural glowy makeup demo
    - smokey cut crease makeup demo
    - golden glam makeup demo
    - matte glam makeup demo
    - rose gold makeup demo
    - springy pastel makeup demo
  • Mature skin:
    Includes classes on
    - face lifts
    - natural makeup look
    - dramatic makeup look

Classes in this course expire 72 hours after viewing.