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Wash and Set  - Nov 2022

Wig Wash and Set Course

This course is taught by expert wig stylist Chani Klodny, and includes classes from Yocheved Gross, Nisi Shlessinger, Ahuva Nadoff, and Judy Levy.

This course offers direct and refined instruction on various wig washing techniques for lace wigs and basic cap wigs. Gain expertise in proper washing methods for blonde wigs, eliminating excessive knotting, and restoring moisture to super dry wigs. Learn three distinct blowout styles, from simple straight to mature bouncy. Additionally, master different curling and waving techniques, along with the art of executing a roller set.

Classes in this course include:

  • Basic wig washing
  • Practical wig washing
  • Basic wig blowout
  • Wig curling and waving
  • Side bang blowout
  • Mature bouncy blowout
  • Soft bang with a slight wave set
  • Full flippy roller set

Classes in this course expire after 1 week from when you push play.