Wash and Set  - Nov 2022


Wig Cutting Course - Advanced

This course is taught by expert hair and wig cutters Perela Pretter and Nisi Shlessinger.

This course will impart refined skills, guiding you through the art of cutting a lob, creating precision with blunt bangs and bottoms, crafting full side bangs, executing a detailed and comprehensive cut—incorporating twisting layered techniques and using a razor for all fine tuning. Additionally, you'll learn to fashion wispy triangle bangs and master the sophistication of an edgy bang cut.

Classes in this course include:

  • Perala’s theory class. This class offers direct insights into various scissors, ranging from basic shears to thinning shears and razors. Learn the precise use of each tool and gain expertise in properly preparing wigs for cutting. Perela also imparts valuable tips on time management and creating a comfortable client experience during the cutting process.
  • Lob cut
  • Blunt bangs, blunt bottoms
  • Full side bangs
  • Comprehensive cut
  • Wispy triangle bang with a full blow out for a more mature look
  • Edgy bang cut

Classes in this course expire after 1 month from when you push play.


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